Using the Hot Fix Applicator

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The Hotfix Applicator comes with a variety of tips to fit the different stone sizes. If you are going to change the tip after you have started be sure to use a pot holder or a towel, never touch it with your hands. Also do not leave hot tips sitting on surfaces that can be damaged.
Draw your pattern or design with a quilting pen or other disappearing marker. While the tool is heating up, you can begin laying your pattern out. If the design is very intricate, you may want to wait, as it will move a bit as you begin to adhere the rhinestones. Make sure you allow the applicator to adequately heat up. We recommend 5-8 minutes.
Once the tool is hot, gently place it over the rhinestone. Do not press too hard, as you may push the glue right through the fabric, or damage more delicate materials. Hold the applicator to the rhinestone for approximately 15 seconds.
Lift the BeJeweler® straight up off of the stone. If you move it to an angle, you may move the stone a bit, remember the glue is still melted while hot. Be careful at this point both the tool and the crystal will be very hot! Do not touch with your hands. Continue this process until the pattern is complete.
If your stone gets stuck in the tip, simply insert a pin into the slot on the brass tip and hold the stone to the fabric while removing the tool. The stones set quickly, so be sure not to move them too much.
Now your finished design using the Hot Fix Applicator is complete.
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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 23 August, 2010.